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Transparent Material Render Depth

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    Transparent Material Render Depth

    I have two large partially transparent materials in my level and there is an area where they overlap. One mesh is clearly in front of the other and it should be obvious which renders over the other however it seems to jump back and fourth between the two as to who is in front of whom.

    To explain what I mean, the easiest example I can think of is when you have a table and chair, let's say they are both somewhat transparent plastic, if you are standing on the other side of the table from the chair then you would expect to see the table render in front of the chair however sometimes I'm seeing the chair rendering above the table when clearly it should be behind it.

    I have looked at the "Depth Priority Group" option however that won't work in this particular context because there are other meshes that interact with the "table and chair" and will break the rest of the scene.

    Any ideas as to what is going on here?

    Translucency Sort Priority...