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[Issue] Lightmass Delaying on Light Build (UDK 3)

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    [Issue] Lightmass Delaying on Light Build (UDK 3)

    Hello everyone! Recently I have been experiencing a pretty annoying issue where the Lightmass portion of the LightBuild seemingly takes forever. As minutes turn to hours, and as hours turn to more than a day with the Light building, it's easy to say that I'm doing something wrong here with my map. The Lightmass seems like it will take over about three days to accomplish. I simply do not wish to wait that long, if possible.

    The map I am creating is no where near large. I even added a builder brush over the playable area of my map, in which I added a Lightmass Importance Volume. Unfortunately, even adding a lightmass importance volume doesn't really seem like it's making any difference in my build times.

    Here is what I have tried in attempts to solve my issue:
    • Added a builder brush around the playable portion of the map only, and then added a Lightmass Importance Volume to it.
    • Set the build quality to 'Preview'.
    • Removed various objects from outside the map as a last resort, although I doubt it would have done anything to help.
    • Optimized my laptop's performance by performing various tasks such as deleting junk files, removing viruses and malware, and lowering my laptop's appearance settings to 'Best Performance'. (This is not a complete list)

    None of these steps have worked for me. Is it because my laptop simply isn't powerful enough to handle such tasks? If you need more info regarding my problem, please do not hesitate to inform me. I would greatly appreciate any assistance with this. Thoughts are also welcome as well. Many thanks!

    Update: I currently found that as soon as the Swarm Agent gets to the 'Processing Mappings' section, it seems that this is where my issue is occurring. This specific sequence in the light build seems like it will never end. I ran a test and it ran for more than 10 hours without even reaching 50% completion. I have no idea why it should take longer than 10 hours, despite that I had the build quality set to 'Preview'.


    Additional Information:
    • UDK Build: 3
    • UDK Version: 10897
    • Game being edited: Goat Simulator (For PC)
    • Operating System: Windows 7 - Home Premium (64-bit)
    • Graphics Card: Intel Core i3 series
    • Drivers Status: Up to date
    • Machine(Computer) Type: Laptop

    From my experience with such a problem, it is usually a certain static mesh/meshes that will cause lightmass to take extreme amounts of time to build. You might need to go through your meshes one by one, removing them from the scene and rebuilding lighting, until you find the culprit. That was what I did and it worked.