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    Static mesh questions

    Gretings, I have few following problems with my static mesh. Images will be provided.

    1. This is my texture structure. However, you can notice black corners and brick on texture. No idea how it got there, cause I used no black on my model. I would like to remove it, yet I have no idea how. On picture above you can see it as well

    2. Is UDK capable of removing UV channels? I know it can create it, but can it remove one as well ? Beause I have 3 of them now, they cause strange lightning...

    3. Also, I would like to edit the graphics by lowering the colors, like lowering color range. This effect was used in skyrim, it is probably something around gamma values , but really, I have no idea how to do it. Again, including two pics to show the effect.

    Numer 1 and 2 Something related with lightmaps ?

    Number 3, Or create a material instance constant from your material, and use a multiply with a 3 vector, node " multiply pixels by negative number so they turn to have less brigthness " .
    Or create a post process chain, your own, and play with it,

    Check out mine, if you wanna use it, it makes anything look good, or better more or less.

    You can modify over all colors. from the Uber node.


      Thank you for your respond. I will try out that thing. I twaked textures a bit and got rid of that black colouring over textures, but now have another issue with lightmap. I created the second uv chaneel inside udk, which doesnt work so well as I expected. Can I still edit uv layout in UDK or do I need to create another one in 3d softare ?


        I think by default there are 4 channels.That doesnt mean they have to be with uvs.One chanel will do.Make the light map in your modeling program and in udk it will be set as chanel 1(chanel 0 is for the texture and is just for visual aid i think,nothing else).The dark is because the lightmap resolution is set to 32.Set it to 64 or 128(more resolution will result in a longer render time and is not recomended).Try not to make so many uv islands for the light map and give them a litle more space one from another(because when rendered the light ¨bleeds¨ and the black will go to the closest uv arround.


          Thank you for your reply. I have alredy solved this thing, altough it took me quite a while. If you are good with materials, I have posted an issue in skinning section.