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Help creating a stretching / expanding texture.

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    Help creating a stretching / expanding texture.

    I am trying to make a texture look like its growing and expanding by just panning twice and then multiplying together. Panner 1 has a -1U and 0V and panner 2 has a 0U and -1V. When I do this I get the effect I want except that its moving from the top left and down diagonally.

    My goal is to have that start from the center and grow out and back (I imagine with a lerp between two instances of it so you don't see it grow back but appears to keep growing).

    Any ideas or suggestions or places to look that might have some information on how to fix that or make what I want?

    Maybe have a look at some of the foliage stuff and vertex shaders... or this :-


      I appreciate the reply. Though these don't seem to be what I am looking for. I understand the basics of materials.

      If you create add a texture and then the two panners as I described (and multiply them together) then plug it into the uv of the texture and that into the diffuse you can see what I am getting. From that, i want it to stay centered and grow outwards.


        "texture look like its growing and expanding"

        Panning is normally for scrolling type effects...
        It sounds like you need a material that's WorldOffset based instead.
        It would help to have a common reference...
        Why not open up the demo map FoliageMap.udk. Search for InterpActor5.
        Is this the type of effect you're after?


          Hey, thanks again frankit. =)

          Yeah it is definitely not the world position offset. We are not manipulating a model. We just want the texture to have a certain look.

          In the image below you can see what I am doing. Unfortunately its always starting in the upper left and moving diagonally downwards. I realize this is expected since it is panning except that I want it to stay centered and achieve that look. So I am really just trying to find a way to achieve this without panning maybe. I probably need to do some lerping because I want it to look like its always stretching though. And it does not need to look "stretched", just as if it is expending. So one would think maybe I could do four sets with panners going each direction but I tried that as well and it didn't quite work. It didn't have that stretching feel like in the image below. It may have been my not so "expert" skills in materials.