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    Disk physics

    Basically I want this hockey puck like object to move really fast when hit and bounce of the walls etc. like it would in an old style air hockey game (see below vid)

    I was wondering how I can give it this physics I already have collision set up for the object it just doesnt move with enough force and if I make the mass less then it flips over which I dont want it to do.


    Got your PM but I don't have a ready made answer. It requires experimenting with Kactor properties in the SM editor and F4 properties window to get a responsive puck. You can also use 'Add Velocity' triggered by touch events off the walls, should you need to control the puck more precisely or give it an extra kick etc. To stop it flipping over play around with Physics RB Constraints on the z axis. There are some UDK 'physics ball' based tutorials on youtube which might be worth a look also...