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Scaling Landscape Textures

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    Scaling Landscape Textures

    Hi, I'm working on a Landscape and I have made the material with different layers for rocks, dirt and grass. I'm using a combination of far and close textures by changing the texture coords to reduce the tiling. However in areas which have steep terrain, this doesn't produce good results even after increasing the mapping scale in the texture coords. So I'd like to scale the X and Y values separately, but unfortunately terrain coords doesn't have that option. Is there any work around to this? Or would it be a good practice to replace the terrain coords with texture coordinates?

    Hey Stormrage!
    You can do it with just the terrain coords.
    Since the any coordinaets in UDK are made of Y and X, you can use a component mask node to extract the R and G (being R=X and G=Y). After that you multiply the values (scale), add them (using add) and plug that into the texture UV's.
    That should do it