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Vehicles ignoring static mesh collision.

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    Vehicles ignoring static mesh collision.

    Greetings. I am having trouble making a bridge that moves using Kismet. The bridge itself works fine when the player simply walks upon it, but when I try to drive a vehicle over the bridge it falls right through! I've tried checking and un-checking just about every type of collision in both the in-editor properties and the static mesh properties inside the content browser. Nothing seems to work!
    Thanks for your help!

    Are there many base linked pieces to this bridge? If you crank up the Auto Convex collision too high, some actors can slip though. So how is the collision looking in the SM editor, simple or complex? Also if the matinee forces other actors to collide into the bridge, as its animating in Matinee i.e. hanging cable wires etc, that can also break the collision...


      But why vehicles specifically? I could understand if the bridge couldn't collide with anything, but it blocks players and shots, but not vehicles. What makes vehicles so different?


        Perhaps you ticked something off by accident...

        Q: What's the 'Block Rigid Body' setting for the Bridge mesh(s)?
        Q: What's the 'Collide Actors' setting for the mesh(s)?

        Make sure both are ticked and Collision is set to COLLIDE_Block All. Otherwise you will get different results for vehicles versus pawns, and one or other or both will fall through. Apart from that, the only time I ran into this was A + B below:

        A. The DrawScale3D for either x, y, or z was set too small, i.e. z was set to 0.1 or less. It blocked pawns and weapons, but vehicles could fall through. So how 'thin' is your bridge on any axis?

        B. Auto Convex Collision failed because the mesh was too complicated. Gaps in the collision ensued, and it was most obvious when vehicles were used.