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Attached actors get stuck at the spawn?

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    Attached actors get stuck at the spawn?

    Hi, so I know my method of attachment works because I have tried it on template maps and blank maps, but as soon as I try on a production map or even a map with built up meshes, the actor gets stuck at the spawn.

    I have tried both just attaching the actor in kismet, and making a custom socket on the skeletal mesh to attach the actor to. It works, in blank maps. Any time I spawn into a map with an environment, the actor moves straight to my position as it should, but then if I move it does not follow - but still follows rotation and tilt.

    I have gathered that it must be getting stuck on something, but I really can't figure out why it works on empty maps, and not built up ones.

    This problem I am having affects all kinds of attachments, Mesh , Particle system and Actors - absolutely any insight would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Sorry didn't understand, can you include more detail? You're spawning a player, then attaching something, but the attachment doesn't always stick to the player? What are you attaching, which bone, any screenshots? It almost sounds like the attachment is not at the same location as the player when the attachment takes place?