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    Level Streaming Question

    Hey all,

    I'm going to try to explain this as best I can and if that fails I'll upload some visual aids / the level...

    Here's the level scenario. The player is in a room with a window and outside that window the environment and sky changes after a certain amount of time. Right now I'm set up with my room and window as the persistent level and the 4 different changing environments as the streaming levels. That all works well and fine but I'm not sure how I can wrangle four different dominant directional lights as UDK seems to not like to rebuild.

    There is very different lighting in each of the four environments that are streaming in so I simply cannot have one persistent light.

    Perhaps I am thinking about this all wrong. I'd appreciate some thoughts and guidance.


    Here's a little video to show a basic mechanics test of what I'm going through. The skies change four times before looping around. The green boxes are simply a placeholder indicator of which level is streaming in (1-4).