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How do I flicker a colour value of a light?

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    How do I flicker a colour value of a light?

    Hi people,

    I'm wanting to flicker a light's G value, from the RGB setting.

    Reason: Rather than have a static orange'ish light to simulate the light given off by a fire, I want the GREEN value to randomly jump between, say, 0.4 - 0.6.

    Does this have to be done through kismet (which I know very little about), hand-keying the value or is there a RANDOM node (with the relevant 'clamp' settings) I can apply to a new material?

    I'm (almost) very new to this, but I've managed to get a flickering light using a material and a LightToggleable using a function... if it's anything similar?

    Thank you.

    Never mind.

    I fiddled around with Kismet, PointLightToggleable and Kismet (Matinee LightGroup) & Level Loaded).

    It has solved my immediate problem, but if there's a better way using a material with a RANDOM node, you're more than welcome to share it.