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Incorrect Particle Collisions

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    Incorrect Particle Collisions

    I've set up a particle emitter for a rain effect. I have a collision module that correctly kills the particle when it collides with the floor. I'm building a cathedral in the map. Inside the cathedral in the editor, the rain particles also don't pass through the roof, though they do appear briefly as the bottom part of the emitted material passes through before being killed. However, in game, the rain will pass straight through the roof.

    The roof is sloped, so I tried changing the Vertical Fudge Factor, but that didn't solve it. I saw another thread about going to Performance and changing Max Collision Distance to something absurdly high, which works, but an occasional burst of rain will still pass straight through.

    The rain texture is a flare texture stretched tall and thin, and the emitter is spawning 50,000 particles. No idea if this information will produce a solution, but it's there just in case.

    Managed to solve it. I had Collide Only If Visible checked in the Collision module. If I wasn't observing the particles, they wouldn't collide, and since there's generally not much reason to look at the roof of a level, they never checked for collisions with the roof.