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    Alternate Dimension Advice

    I am wanting to make it so that, if the player presses a certain key, they switch between two parallel dimensions that look different and have different enemies.

    If anyone has any advice on how to do this, I'd appreciate the input. Here is the idea I have:

    Create two levels that are the same general shape and height, one above of the other.

    The player starts out up in world 1 ("normal world"), and when they press the appropriate key to switch to the alternate dimension, they are teleported directly down in the Z axis a set amount into second world ("alternate" dimension).

    If the two worlds have the same base layout, simply teleporting the player on the Z axis should put them in the equivalent place down below. Then, you simply use different meshes, materials, lighting, post FX etc in the second world to make it
    look different.

    The only forseeable issue I see is that you would need to make sure the player doesn't end up teleporting into a static mesh (I am unsure how to do this), and you would have to make sure that sounds, light etc from the two places don't bleed onto one another and that the system doesn't attempt to render both at the same time.

    Can anybody think of a more efficient way, or can anyone give me an idea of how to ensure the player doesn't end up teleporting inside a static mesh? Any input is much appreciated.

    There was a thread about this a while ago. You can for example make a variable in each actor, which sets if this actor is spirit or Journal
    Normal world. Then you just run a foreach actor loop and set all actors with the variable set to one of the worlds, to hidden. (and you propably need to turn off collision for them).