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Emmisve Lighting?

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    Emmisve Lighting?

    Hey guys, I've been trying to replicate a few lighting styles lately by checking online for tutorials, Though I'm struggling to find anything that completely fits the requirements. I'm trying to get objects such as mushrooms and other plant life etc to glow and emit light as well as possibly changing colours or vibrancy (thus the glow). I've tried to play around with changing some of the materials and so on, but all I've managed to do so far is make it bright white, but it doesn't emit light )even with "use emissive for static lighting" enabled, At least it's not giving me the desire effect.

    Ideally I want to create a light source/style very similar to Trine (2)

    Anyone recommend tutorials or can give me a run through on how to replicate the above image in terms of lights and lots of them glowing and such.

    I'm not sure if this is the right section to ask

    Thanks guys


    first link in google -
    In other case you can simulate this effect by point lights...


      I tried that already, It didn't really give the style/look that I wanted, With the glowing/pulse on different colours, I can only get it to work with white really o.O


        you can use light functions with a simple material that pulses and changes colors using sin/cosine nodes in the function and replicate the material and multiply it with the mesh's material to match the colors. you really cant use the emissive channel alone for the lighting because using emissive to effect static lighting will get baked in so it'll look funky if it starts to pulse and change colors. once you get a working setup with the point light in the scene you can easily make a prefab out of the mesh and lights and instance the prefab wherever needed.

        Check here for light functions: