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Kismet - Detecting pawns death

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    Kismet - Detecting pawns death

    Hey, i'm working on a university project atm and one task i'm a little curious about is how do i go about detecting a pawn's death inside of Kismet?. I've tried just using Death Node with the pawn as an instigator but i'm sure there's another method todo it.

    Here's a video of what i'm currently working on, i plan on triggering everything you see here from the pawns death.

    Appreciate any assistance or feedback!.

    try this man :


      Originally posted by evdawg732 View Post
      Ah cheers for pointing that out, worked a treat!. -i should have searched around more.
      Video if anyone's interested:

      I also had to remove the bots from appearing during these sequences, if anyone else happens to wonder how it's done for future reference i found it's simply done by destroying an object list.