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Kismet+Scaleform on multiple Objects?

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    Kismet+Scaleform on multiple Objects?

    Hi guys, I'm in the middle of creating a lengthy video tutorial series about using scaleform on objects to control game flow and I'm having an issue associating an instance of a movie to a specific object. Let me explain my setup first:

    1. I have 3 sets of doors, each door has a panel on it.

    2. The panel has the scaleform movie displayed on it using render to texture. The panels are just dupes of the same static mesh.

    3. If I activate the panels, it changes the display from locked to unlocked and the doors open.

    The problem is that every single object is showing simultaneous display changes in the scaleform because they're all just using the one GFX movie and I can't figure out a way to associate an opened movie with a specific object so I can have separated movies.

    Every time the movie opens, it opens on every single object at the same time because the movie is global. Even though I'm piping the MoviePlayer node to separate object variable nodes, the movies themselves are still just overwriting each other

    The only association I seem to have access to is the texture target located within the content browser, which is global to the entire game and every instance of the object is using this same texture.

    There are exposed variable options in the open GFX movie player, but none of those seem to do anything at all, let alone associate the movie to the object. I can see "Movie - Object", "Movie - Group", "MoviePlayerClass - Object".....etc. None of these appear to have any function at all as I've tried sending them to blank variables and the statics themselves to no avail. There's no information online about the Open GFx Movie node's exposed variables.

    There's two possible ways I could quickly fix this.
    1. I could just dupe a new texture target
    2. I could dupe the swf movie

    The problem with both of these approaches is apparent right off the bat. What if I have 150 doors in a level?

    Anybody have any clues? I'm in desperation mode and looking at nixing this tutorial if I can't figure this out.
    Thanks guys