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Problem with APEX destructibles and multiple FBX object

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    Problem with APEX destructibles and multiple FBX object

    Hi guys,

    I'm currently working with some barrels and make them destructible using APEX.
    Since the barrel have different pieces (wood pieces and some metal rings), I decided to create a multi FBX object where I create all diferent wood parts, and 2 rings at the top and bottom of the barrel. When I import the FBX into PhysLabs, I can see that all parts are there in Depth 1. All chucks were imported in depth 1 as I expected. Now, that would be all parts I want the barrel to get broken into. (I dont need further fracture).

    So, I go ahead and export that and import into UDK. Since APEX didn't actually fracture the object, when I test it in UDK, the object doesn't actually fracture. DONT WORK.

    So, I tried to fracture the object only in 1 depth. PhysLab automatically detects that its a multiFBX object, and when I select 1 Depth, it creates a 2nd Depth. And I get the undesired effect that all object parts gets cut in two parts.

    Is there a way to prevent that some parts of the object gets broken? If there a way to export the APEX object without further fracture other than the multipart object?

    Any experience with this? I'm doing this wrong?

    Best regards,

    Seems like when you don't fracture it (but its a multiple object Asset), there is a need for a momentum, in order to make the APEX object to separate into chunks.
    When there is a "fractured" Apex object, the object gets fractured, no matter if there is a momentum or not.