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LightMapping Black Edges

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    LightMapping Black Edges

    I have sections of wall that are fairly simple and I have designed them modularly so that I can repeat them to extend the wall.
    For whatever reason I seem to generate black lines when calculating lightmass. I have significant spaces between faces on my lightmap unwrap plus I have cranked the lightmap resolution up to 1024 but I'm still getting these results.

    Any suggestions?

    Also does the size of the lightmap only impact building lightmas or does it impact in game performance as well? ie if I didn't care about how long lightmas took to calculate, set everything to a lightmap res of 1024 and let lightmas run for a day would gameplay performance change?

    Do you have any UV's on the lightmap touching the edges of the image?
    Or do you have SSAO on? I had a similar problem with that.