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Rain like in the UDK Day and Night Demo Level

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    Rain like in the UDK Day and Night Demo Level

    Hey everyone,

    Im working on a project that needs heavy rain and such things so I started to search the internet for tutorials how to achieve rain in UDK. Then I found a thread talking about the day and night demo that comes with UDK. I wondered if it was possible to recreate sth similar to the rain and the glossy textures in the demo and started to investigate. I searched the kismet and matine for answers but the only thing I found was that the kismet is a mess and total chaos.

    I recreated an InterpActor that uses the "StaticMesh'UDK_Rain.Mesh.SM_DayCycle_RainMesh 01'" mesh and the MaterialInstanceConstant'UDK_Rain.Materials.M_Rain _MASTER_INST' material. But still no rain. I like the idea they used a cylinder instead of a plane or an emitter or particle system or what ever since I think its less hungry in regard to the gpu ressources. (isnt it?)

    So what do I miss? What do I have to do to make it work? Is it the MaterialInstanceActor or a missing console command? I dont see it. There is so much going on in the Kismet of the demo...

    Can anyone help me out? I had the hope that somebody else figured out how to use the weathersystem of the demo but there is no tutorial out there.

    Thanks very much to all =)

    PS: Yes I know there has been the "rain question" a few times but there hasnt been the rain question in this particular case. I just think: It looks so fantastic in the demo. Why should I reinvent the wheel if everything is in front of me? Why not using this?

    variants to create rain

    MaterialInstanceConstant'UDK_Rain.Materials.M_Rain _MASTER_INST'
    any parameters named like "Rain" or "Opacity" in that material instance?


      thanks for the video it looks great. I already have read about using a particle system attached to the camera (or player). Are particles also effected by wind actors?


        No "Opacity", no "Rain" and no "Translucency" found.


          I just created an Archtype of the cylinder to make a 100% copy but it still doesnt work. No rain showing up =( maybe there has to be a switch in kismet to be turned on or sth?

          EDIT: I found the edit button. Sorry for the former tripple posts.

          I dont know why they used an InterpActor in the DayNight Map but I figured out, that I can use the "StaticMesh'UDK_Rain.Mesh.SM_DayCycle_RainMesh 01'" as a simple static mesh with the "Material'UDK_Rain.Materials.M_Rain_MASTER'" as the material. No InterpActor, no MaterialConstant. It looks great and we have the rain working.

          It there is the next step: Water poring down the static meshes. Does anyone have an idea how to achieve this like its done in the demo?


            Nathan, if you want to do that with a material, it should just be easy enough to create a panner and attach a texture that looks like water (so the water texture pans down over the top of the static mesh's normal texture making it look like rain)
            if you have watched the infiltrator demo with UE4 this video ( shows you how they made a 3d water droplet run along a pipe and drip down, splashing as it collides with the floor. Though this may be in UE4, the idea's in the video should be the same in UDK