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SOLVED! Fractured Mesh plays dead after first hit

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    Oh God, I feel so silly now.

    Thank you for such quick response!
    Video link helped

    Inside Fracture_StaticMesh Propertie

    Under "Fractured Static Mesh Component"
    Toggle on, "Top Fragments Root non Destroyable" and, "Bottom Fragments Root Non Destroyable"

    And inside Static Mesh Editor,

    Toggle off, "Use Simple Box Collision" and, "Use Simple Line Collision"

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  • replied
    You have to enable 2 boxes in the properties ( I cant remember which ones -> I dont have UDK atm ^^)

    Just watch this tutorial:

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  • SOLVED! Fractured Mesh plays dead after first hit

    Hey guys!

    I've got problem with freshly fractured mesh.

    I choosed object, fractured it to 150 pieces, none supporting chunks.
    I didn't mess with settings. Checked them and everything was set to default.
    The thing is, after the first hit. One chunk falls away and the whole object tips over. I can't do anything with it afterthat. It just lays there and plays dead :P

    I can walk through it, shots flies through.

    Any advices?

    Thanks for the time!
    Cheers ^_^