Hi everyone.

I am brand new to UDK right now triing to figure out how to start with.
I watched eat3d's Tutorials on UDK scripting and materials and so on.
Also recreated aspects from the assault game in Unrealscript.

Right now I have a third person camera a pawn with a weapon (currently all models are from UDK, but tend to change them ower time).

So Made the archetype for a weapon assigned rightklick to shoot an energy field in front of the player.

I make it from my custom mesh (an almost basic plane with set up collision inside max Named Correctly UBX_collision box) through cascade
It is now a particle system wich spawns the mesh and animate it to get width then height. Even though the material will be remaked it looks kinda cool.

But I don't get back the collision as expected.
The collison box wrapped around the mesh as I see it in the static mesh editor, but with this setup as it is a particle It seems like it has a cillinder collison with smaller sizes.

So If I just touch it in the middle the pawn stop moving. But not all the spawned particle mesh is collideable.

Where to look at? Or am I thinking right that this should be a particlesystem at all? Or what proportions To fix to get the whole collision box to this particle system
If you need any more precise info please let me know which paramters to screencapture.

And thank you any kind of help in advance.