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Particle changing color over time instead of over life

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    Particle changing color over time instead of over life

    I need a particle that grows and changes color over time, and then loop infinitely at a certain size and color.
    The size isn't the problem because I can just use the "Scale size by time" option.
    But since there isn't a "color over time".. and with "color over life" the color will loop from i.e. blue to purple instead of staying purple.

    Since the particle will loop infinitely (By setting "emitter duration" in "Required") I need to find a way to make the purple color stick.
    Because "color over life" with an infinite looping particle will change the color veeerrryyy slowly.

    Possible solutions I came up but failed.
    1. Demit (de-emit) the particle that increases in size and changes color and replace it with a particle that is already the correct size and color.

    Problem with this solution:
    Even though I set either the "Emitter delay" to spawn exactly at the time I want, it occasionally spawns at the same time as the particle that still needs to increase in size/color and I am not sure why.

    2. Edit "Burst Mode" so the particle that is the right size/color spawns later.

    Problems with this solution:
    wont perfectly loop the particle for some reason, so there is an empty gap in the looping particle.

    Does anybody have an idea on how to do this propperly?
    Thanks in advance

    Apparently the first possible solution I mentioned did work, But because it was around 2am when I tried it I probably messed up a setting (only delay first loop) and some other stuff.
    So got it working now
    The UT3 Bio-Rifle alt-charge particle-setup confirmed that it was possible so I redid it from scratch, and got it working like a charm