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Question about the workflow for the design of a level..

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    Question about the workflow for the design of a level..

    So well this is someone i and my team have been discussing for a while..

    We want to find the most organized / optimal workflow for the open island we are developing

    we recently switched our approach to this to the following:

    We have sculped the terrain of the island, we took one huge res screenshot from topdown of the island itself, We splitted this screenshot into various smaller ones denominated " areas " i.e Beach,Swamp etc

    Once we have decided which area needs the most work we give the area screenshot to an designer who will highlight all the special details from said area (Player Location,potential resources ) here is a simple WIP of it

    Next the level designer makes a list of all the assets needed for the area ( sounds,models,textures ) etc

    Finally the level designer begins to tweak / work on the area and periodicly he uploads screenshots of the progress so we can check it and give feedback

    now, while i believe this is an improvement to what we had im still unsure if its the best way to handle a massive island like the one we are developing


    Using tools in UDK to sculpt terrain is fine, but you'll get much better results by using something like World Machine, L3DT, Terragen, etc. Next you should worry about the balance of resources in your level, and what kind of a story they might tell (e.g. having a skeleton in the bunker with a pistol and only one bullet shell on the floor). I guess that your game is non-linear, so you should also try to keep each area compelling to the player.