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Creating a smoke/fire/drip effect (like when a racecar blows up and drips fuel)

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    Creating a smoke/fire/drip effect (like when a racecar blows up and drips fuel)


    I would like to create a particle that would combine a smoke/fire/liquid dripping effect. It will be used on one of the vehicles (which one I'm not sure) and I want it to look like an engine blow out that you would see in a car race (NASCAR/Indy, etc). The smoke/fire would act as the engine blows out and the dripping would simulate oil coming out of the exhaust.

    I have an idea how to do this (I have a video tutorial on how to make the smoke particle) and I know how to make the fire particle. I'm not 100% sure how to make the dripping effect or how to combine these into one particle (that has a minimum of 3 emitters). Are there any simple tutorials on how to get this accomplished? I'm disabled and using UDK is a bit difficult for me. I'm using a clean install of the July 2013 version. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    PS One of the biggest reasons I'm learning UDK is that the college I want to attend requires it for the program I want to get into. Right now, I'm completing a degree where I'll be making mobile games. UDK isn't part of this program, but is part of the general game design program I want to get into next year.

    Smoke particles have a Z-component of velocity/acceleration, which makes them go up. If you give your particle a negative value for the z-component of the velocity and acceleration it would make the particle go down, like a drip. Experiment with different values for velocity and acceleration to make it look like you want.

    You can combine the emitters into one, if that is what you need. Open the particle system you want to get the emitters from, then, in the content browser, select the particle system you want to copy them to. Then, in the open particle system, right click on each of the emitters you want copied, and click on Export Emitter. It will now be copied into the emitter you selected in the content browser.