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How do I rig a gun / first person view question ( noob question )

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    How do I rig a gun / first person view question ( noob question )

    Hello, I'm a noob to maya/UDK so could you explain in simple terms to me
    I am current making a ( bad) game to learn udk/mudbox/maya. In the game the weapon used in an air rifle. If you know how it looks when It reloads the barrel folds down and a pellet goes into the groove in the barrel. I was wondering if it would be possible to animate this.

    Also my game has a first person view so will I be able to just make the arms for my character instead of making the whole body?

    I would also like to know the general steps to make a game, I think it goes. Model object in maya - texture in mudbox - add bones/ rig in maya - export to UdK where you control when animations happen etc. please correct me if I'm wrong!


    First: You can make only the arms.
    Second: You know game making consists also of level design, programming, storry writing.


      You will also have to script your weapon. Just take a look at this tutorial:

      General Steps:

      -do the programming (weapons, game modes,...)
      -create all the models (weapons, characters, vegetation,...)
      -create the animations (weapon, character, NPC,...)
      -build the level