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Level Streaming Issue - How to unmake a level a persistence

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    Level Streaming Issue - How to unmake a level a persistence

    Howdy all!

    After a lot of confusing Google I thought it s about time I make my first post!

    I am making a huge landscape map that's built of a Hightmap and then a Google earth satellite image slapped on top!.... All that is done and its looks 100% real and correct

    then I stated adding speedtrees into it and bang maxed out the 300mb size so started looking into level streaming! So far I have broken the landscape into 65 smaller maps!!

    **I have taken everything out so each map file holds a landscape property's and the landscape section that I want in it**

    So I made a Blank map level that has my skybox in and later all my actors ect ect and made that the persistence level and imported all my maps in! bang bosh all looks how its ment to even builds and cooks!

    But Im getting a lot of errors for each map saying the same thing!


    Error Snowdoina-Ring3-16 Landscape_1 Landscape (Landscape_1) was originally created as a persistient level. Adding this as a sublevel when there are other components from the same Landscape in other streaming levels could cause problems.


    Warning Snowdoina-P LandscapeInfo_0 LandscapeLayerInfoObject (LayerInfoObject_Grass1) collides with a previous object with LayerName (Grass1). The newer one will not be used in Landscape edit mode.

    Now I get a warning for each texture i have used on my map, I thought I should delete someone of the landscape property's but that just deletes the section....... So yeah that's where I'm at can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Many thanks

    Hey Zander!
    Welcome to UDK forums!

    The problem you're experiencing:
    your big landscape placed it's masks and height map in the persistent level package and loads them using a path like persistentlevel.landscape_0_heightmap.
    Now, after splitting it up, each smaller landscape still references them using persistentlevel.landscape_0_heightmap instead of *theSubLevelName*.landscape_0_heightmap.
    So if you stream them, all sub-landscapes would reference the same heightmap.

    I am not sure how to fix it but here's an idea.
    Open one of your sub levels, select the landscape and hit CTRL+C.
    Then open a new level, paste the landscape using CTRL+V and save it.
    Maybe you're lucky and it fixes the reference problem automatically.
    Add it as streamed level to your persistent level and try it.

    If that still doesn't work try pasting it into a streamed level:
    Create an empty level.
    Add it to streamed levels of your main level.
    with your main level opened, double click on the sub level name so that it's highlighted/bold.
    With pressing CTRL+V now you can paste the landscape into the streamed sub level.

    Well if that doesn't work... maybe someone else knows more.