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Need help with lighting sci-fi corridor | Maya-UDK workflow

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    Need help with lighting sci-fi corridor | Maya-UDK workflow


    I have a sci-fi game in mind. The screenshot shows a very rough model of a corridor scene that I made in Maya. I want the scene to look as if the white parts are glowing and illuminating the entire corridor (the walls will be having a grayish texture).

    However, I am not sure how to apply the glowing effect and make them illuminate the entire place, and what materials to use for the walls and the lit regions.

    It's okay if the glow is static, but it would be nicer if the glow effect is an animated (that is, blinking) one. Then I can light up a scene using a blinking reddish glow when the entire place is under attack (indicating an emergency situation). Of course, I don't want the game's performance to take a hit just because of that particular fancy effect.

    The white colour is just a placeholder. In the final scene, I would be replacing those white glows with a colour of my choice (neon, orange, etc).

    Also, how shall I export the Maya lights to UDK? Will they work well like the meshes do, or do I have to recreate them in the game engine?

    As you can probably guess, I don't have much experience with lighting up scenes efficiently. I have used lights before, but I want to light up this game so that it looks best, without affecting the performance.

    The current scene (as shown in the rendered image) was made from simple cube primitives and has 2 lambert materials - one is a very dark coloured one, and the other is a pure white one (with a glow intensity of 0.025). I had initially added an ambient light, but I removed it as it was not looking good.

    Anyway, as of now, the whole scene looks very "ordinary". :-(

    Please help.