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[SOLVED]Rotation of particle sprites FX

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    [SOLVED]Rotation of particle sprites FX

    Hi guys,

    Is there a way to rotate particles sprites inside the emitter? I don't want a random rotation for every particle, I want the same effect as I would rotate a mesh inside the level editor.

    Right click on the system, go to Orientation, Lock Axis. You can pick the axis you want to lock to.


      Thanks obihb for your answer, but what has to do Lock Axis with the amount of rotation I want to apply to my emitter?
      Anyway, I made a plane in 3d max and rotate it the amount I need and then use it in cascade. Because I can't rotate it in local space I can't get the result I was hoping for, but at least I have the correct rotation applied to it. I'm looking forward to other answers as well for this issue that I have. Thanks!


        If you lock the axis then you can rotate the emitter at any angle and the sprites will follow. They won't face the camera.


          I'm a little confused because in your second message it looks like you're talking about rotation a mesh particle instead of a regular sprite.

          If it's just a regular sprite, use the "Initial Rotation" module with the distributions set to constant. Then you can set the value to whatever you'd like. However this really only works in one axis.

          If you use a mesh plane, you need to use the mesh data module and use the "Init Mesh Rotation" module. From there you can enter rotational values on X, Y, & Z.


            For regular sprite works as obihb suggested.

            @wkladis : Yes, in my second reply I tried using a mesh instead a regular sprite.By the way, I tried as you suggested to use Initial rotation on a single burst-ed sprite but given that it will always facing the camera, it won;t do anything. Next I tried lock an axis but with Initial Rotation set to constant I don't get any changes in my sprites rotation.
            For mesh plane works as you suggested though.

            Anyway, I ended up using sprites with a little bit of variation from Initial Location, then added a slight movement with Velocity and for the rotation part I used Lock axis module and rotated the emitter in the level.

            Although I am new to this and I would like to know why wkladis solution didn;t work for me for learning purposes, I am pretty happy with the results and I can mark this thread solved.

            Thank you!


              Sorry I was having a hard time understanding what you were trying to achieve. The initial rotation module is rotation solely for 1 axis, the particle will still always face the camera (not what you're looking for so ignore that advice I gave).

              When you use the lock axis module, you cannot use the initial rotation module because it gets over written. So that doesn't work either.

              Now that I understand what you're trying to achieve a little better, using a mesh will give you more control and you won't have to rotate the emitter in your level. Remember when using a mesh to "mesh initial rotation" which is a separate module and gives you rotation control on X, Y, & Z.

              Otherwise the method you came up with is also valid too. Make sure that you set it to "local space" as well if you haven't already.