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Wind-particle that reacts to character

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    Wind-particle that reacts to character

    hey guys.

    currently i am working on a stutents project and i am kinda beginner.
    so a friend gave me an awesome base for a windparticle effect. now i am trying to let it look like the particle reacts to the player, when he touches it. the wind should blow right in his face and drift past him. i've tried a lot with an physix particle system but the whole shape of the wind changed and it looked like a waterfall.
    i made something with attractors but it looked pretty weird and my last idea was to fake the effect and gave the emitter a location with the graph. its okay but still not good. and it does the movement everytime not just when its touched.
    i hope there is someone who has some hints for me ^.^

    this is how it looks currently:

    You gonna have to play with Nvidia physx lab, actually, nvidia turbulence (the nvidia particles). There are some tutorials on the nvidia site.

    EDIT: Here you are:

    EDIT2: Sry, Turbulence requires full ue3 license. You gonna have to use standard apex particles.


      hey thank you very much.
      i kinda worked it out and its fine