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Horrible Cascaded Shadowmap artifacts... solution?

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    Horrible Cascaded Shadowmap artifacts... solution?

    Hi.. is there anyone out there who has solution to this?

    I've heard that cascaded shadowmap work terribly when angles are at extreme, however, in this settings.

    Click image for larger version

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    It seems that changing settings for cascaded shadow maps only change the range at which the artifact appear, but it will still appear.

    Those look pretty far off in the distance, If you bake lights and set "whole scene dynamic shadow radius" low enough so at the farther distances its using static lighting you should be fine. If you are having issues within the dynamic distance you can increase "Num Whole Scene Dynamic Shadow Cascades." I've tested on some extreme angles and it holds up well. (be sure to bake lights even when viewing the dynamic part)


      adjusted all those values...

      all they do is making the artifacts appear at different distance. even when it's not in range of the shadow map distance. The only way is to completely off it. It dissapears.

      BTW, I did manage to solve it , by changing to the 2013 build. I've no idea why but I just worked.