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Creating a beam in matinee

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    Never mind, I found out that Dummy Weapon Fire can do exactly what I wanted. Just change the Fire mode.

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  • started a topic Creating a beam in matinee

    Creating a beam in matinee

    I'm trying to create a Link gun beam in matinee but I really can't figure out how. It would work with the Shock beam as well, I just need to be able to constantly have a stream from one target point to another.

    If I use the default particle effect, it goes from the start down to the middle of the map. Spawn projectile doesn't have the Link beam included, spawning a particle in the actor factory doesn't seem to be any help and I can't really figure out any other way that uses a start and end point.

    Any help? If you know for sure that it can't be made without unrealscript that would be helpful as well.