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    questions about landscape

    so i have tried making some levels with udk,but i always can't make them to work right most of the times
    for the heightmaps i try to use
    it seems like a good program but,i want to know 2 things,is there any easy way to make dirt roads in other words being pretty flat but not just a flat surface that goes thru the whole terrain,how could i get a height based texture map and cause of the program i'm using creates the heightmap in 4096x4096,is it possible to shrink it to make it 2048x2048.If the way that i structured my sentences is confusing i will elaborate

    UDK Landscape has strict limitations on which resolutions are available for use.
    Neither 2048x2048 or 4096x4096 should be used, as they both have too many components.
    I recommend reading the Epic UDN information on Landscape at

    Currently you could create roads by using the painting tools in UDK.

    There are various software applications available that will resample 16-bit RAW files, including Photoshop or the software in my signature.