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Landscape layer blending with mulitple heightmaps

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    Landscape layer blending with mulitple heightmaps

    i have difficulty with adding textures with normal maps to the landscape layer blend.
    simply want to use default height map materials from udk by copy the hole material tree to my custom material and link it with the landscape layer blend thing.
    i use Material'UN_Rock2.BSP.M_UN_Rock2_BSP_Blackrock02Di rt' and Material'enginedebugmaterials.Testing.M_Sand_Maste r_VertPaint'.
    where to put the specular part for example? where should i add and link the texturescreencoordinates to adjust the tile?

    when i compare the original material and the painted material from my custom material with layer, the normal maps are never included.
    the other thing is that when i paint two or more materials and one of them has height map, the result are wierd colors at the material intersections

    posted some pics

    You need to separate your normal maps and connect to normal map and same for specular. Texture coordinates go at the end of the texture!