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Parallax/BumpOffset material help!

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    Parallax/BumpOffset material help!

    Hey guys!

    Been trying to sort this for days now and I just can't seem to get anywhere. Trying to make a simple tileable floor with parallax/bumpoffset etc so it really pops. Likewise hoping to get Dx11 tessellation working too but not having much luck with that either!

    Been doing my best to follow a few tutorials/forum posts I've found but I just can't seem to get the results.

    Only using Diffuse and Normal

    Diffuse, normal, bumpoffset attempt


    Do your best to ignore the ugly diffuse and lack of a spec map, just placeholders!

    Any help would be very very appreciated, really do need to get this technique figured out. I have also baked out a height map from xNormals as you can see in the material pic, but for whatever reasons whenever I try to plug it in I start getting errors.

    Parallax Mapping is pretty limited since it's just a shift of UV coordinates. Adjust the height ratio and reference plane parameters in the BumpOffset node. Also blur your heightmap (slightly), strong contrasts won't work well.