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Destroying A Wall And It's Remains - not working proplerly

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    Destroying A Wall And It's Remains - not working proplerly

    Hi UDK Community,

    I'm kind of new to the Unreal Engine, so please have patience with me.

    I wanted to have a wall, which should be destructable to weapons and vehicles (in all it's forms).
    When I destroy the foothold, it should fall over, .
    I should be able to walk through it, after shooting a hole in it.

    Problem I can't solve: After I destroy all the bottom chunks (which I declared as support chunks), the Wall wouldn't fall over.
    It just... stays in the air, while it's able to run / shoot through it. Also, it doesn't disappear, even after waiting almost a minute.

    So here's what I did:

    1) I chose a wall from the building meshes (content browser) section
    2) Fracture tool - generated 150 chunks
    3) Selected all the parts that should be attached to the ground
    4) Checked the "Support Chunk" box and "Slice".

    After that I opened the new wall in the content browser and unchecked "Simple Box Collusion" and "Simple Line Collusion".
    So far so good..

    Now, I used a UDK tutorial especially made for this occasion, but the creator seems to be inactive.

    I hope you can help me, thanks a lot in advance.


    PS: If it's not too much to ask, I'd like to know how I can change the texture from inner chunks of the wall, cause they still have the blue/white checked texture.

    Double click the fractured mesh in the content browser and make sure you don't have "Fixed" checked on in the properties. Also, when you made the fractured mesh it should have added another material slot in the LODInfo section of its properties. Expand that and plug in whatever material you want to use for the inner portions of the chunks.


      Thanks, now it works perfectly fine. At least the chunks now look like they're actually part of the wall.

      Now I have 2 more questions:

      1) When I destroy the support chunks, the wall falls over - but: Is there a way to make the wall's fall/break off look more realistic? Atm it just makes a little leap into the air before it hits the ground.
      2) The wall is immune to attacks from vehicles. Where do I find the option to change this state? (google wouldn't give me helpful answers)

      Thanks in advance for your answers


        1. For more realistic destruction I would use APEX (its not the best tutorial but it shows you the basics of APEX:
        2. I have also searched for this but I didnt find a solution but a APEX destructable gets damage from everything


          So from what I hear, APEX is a possibility here, but in order to use APEX, you have to build a whole new wall instead of just edit a few things in the according properties (?).
          Is APEX even part of UDK ? I wasn't able to check out all the basic features of UDK yet, sorry for that.

          thanks so far for the tutorial, I will definitely check it out later.


            Yes you have to create a new wall, but you can also just export the wallmesh ( and then you can edit it in APEX and reimport it into UDK. Apex isnt a part of UDK (its a own programm)

            But I think its just possibel to use APEX with an Nvidia grafikcard. So when you dont have one....


              I have an ATI Radeon Graphic Card.. I will try it out, anyways.. Maybe it works, but I also assume the opposite..

              So after creating something with APEX you can import it into UDK ? Long story short: UDK is able to import all APEX files?