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Looking for level to "score".

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    Looking for level to "score".


    I am a sound designer and I have been working a lot recently with mobile games etc. I am looking to get into working more with PC/console titles and want to get my teeth into UDK again as I have not used it properly for a while.

    I was wondering if anybody has a level they have designed that they would not mind me adding sound effects to? I will be creating all sounds from scratch and implementing them into the level to quite a high standard, as this will be work that I am planning to have in a show-reel. The level doesn't need to be very big or intricate.

    Sorry if this is an odd request, as I am a sound man my knowledge of UDK is very specifc. All credits will be given to the creator of the level at the end of any videos that result from the project.

    If anybody is interested please let me know, either here or through the PM system. Thanks in advance!