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Landscape Render Problem After Scale

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    Landscape Render Problem After Scale


    I have scaled my landscape by mistake then undo operation but now it has some rendering issues. How can I fix this?


    I never use Undo, it's too flakey and can cause all kinds of problems.

    If I accidentally change the value on the wrong property, I enter back in the proper value instead of hitting Undo.
    I save often (VERY often) and if something goes haywire I reload the previous save.

    I'm assuming the non-visible Landscape sections are the issue?
    You could try using the Landscape tools to "touch" the sections with the section show/hide, or try painting a vertex within the sections to raise/lower it just a little, or a layer.
    If those don't bring it back, try re-importing the heightmap.
    If that doesn't work, you'll probably have to delete the Landscape and re-create it.


      I don't familiar with UDK's shortcut keys and sometimes I can do something by mistake. (For example ctrl + a is not select all, apply I guess) so I use undo but it is a good tip for me I'll try not to use undo.

      The culled areas on Landscape are not static. It is kind of a culling problem I think. There is a heightmap, there is a collision in culled areas. Sometimes culled areas are can be everywhere or nowhere depending on a camera position, angle, target...etc like I look to the landscape from backface. I am posting an image from different angles.

      If there is no solution for this problem I want to export heightmap but how can I export it in raw or r8 format? Can you help to solve this? Anyway thanks for your reply.


        I solved the problem. I changed the DrawScale3D property of Landscape then assigned the old values. Now it seems normal. Thanks again DGUnreal.