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    Vertex Painting and more

    Hi all. Got a bit of a problem with a material i need that i just can't for the lif of me figure out.

    I tried making this work a while ago and haven't really tried since giving up back then.

    Basically i want a material for vertex painting and with Z axis placement.
    I can do both vertex painting materials and Z axis placement materials. But i cant make a material that can do both.
    The idea is that the material will allow to paint on several different textures and have triggered snow and rain.

    Thats the material as it is at the minute. It is supposed to lerp between 4 different textures, which it does fine, until i add the snow setup.

    I have a feeling that it doesnt work because the green channel is already being used prior to being used for the snow placement. If that is the case i have no problems with dropping one of the vertex channels and using it for snow instead. But i still can't get this working.

    If anyone could help I'd really appreciate it. I'm literally at my wits end trying to figure out a way to do this.

    Thanks in advance people.