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[SoundCue Editor] How do you make music loop in a predictable/manageable way?

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    [SoundCue Editor] How do you make music loop in a predictable/manageable way?

    Im working on an interactive horror scene where you have to investigate a strange incident that happened at a prestigious hotel. I already have the level design sorted out, it just needs full texturing and such. I have a good amount of gameplay & events already fleshed out using Kismet too, without a single line of code, such as a walking/running system, a zippo-lighter you can ignite to see in the dark, a door open/close/lock/unlock system, a kind of conversation system, conditional triggers and a lot of experimenting with variables to create things like puzzles or investigation type gameplay. I've been really impressed so far with what I've been able to do with Kismet just by experimenting. I haven't used it in ages, but it seems like maybe you really COULD make a game without having to spend a billion years and a day learning Uscript!

    Anyway, the ONE problem thats getting in my way is something irritatingly simple. In the scene where you take the lift to the upper-floors of the hotel (where theres no main-power, and so, no light), a horror soundtrack starts playing, and I wanted to have it loop maybe 6 times at the most, or to simply stop playing altogether, once you hit the trigger that plays the NEXT piece of music, but the ambient-sound looping system is REALLY weird. If I just want to loop the track 6 times, I should just be able to set a "loop by" parameter to 6, but for some reason, I have to work with a "range" of time (I imagine thats what it is). What makes it weird is that the measurement of the range, isn't the amount of times to loop the sound, OR the amount of time to spend looping, and I dont know what the hell it is lol. If I set the looping nodes "loop count" min & max to "1", then it says it'll loop for 160 seconds (how does 1, translate to 160 seconds LOL?). If I set them both to 0.1, it say's it'll loop for 80+ seconds, but you can never go lower than 80 seconds for some strange reason.

    Why cant I just make the track loop X amount of times, rather than having to wrestle with some WIERD time based range system that just doesn't seem to behave in an understandable way?

    Another thing that has me confuselated, is I cant get the 1st track to stop looping/playing, EVEN though the player has touched the trigger which is plugged into the "stop" input of the previous track, and the "play" input of the new one. Its like Kismet is completely ignoring a direct order!

    Does anybody think they know whats going on here? I really need to utilise background music in this project, as it is ESSENTIAL for a horror scene with any real atmosphere.

    Thanks in advance!