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shadow stability under rotation

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    shadow stability under rotation

    Hi all

    I have an environment where the sun is setting and shadows are getting longer. To achieve this, I have a DominantDirectionalLightMovable which I am rotating on level load through kismet.

    My problem is that my shadows are not stable - they move jerkily, rather than sliding smoothly along surfaces and up walls. When set to play at a faster rotation, they update more often, but the movement is just as jittery, only faster.

    This picture and the description below it will hopefully illustrate (note that my frame rate is above 50, its not a frame rate issue):

    So the solid shadow on the right is "jumping" up in increments, meanwhile the tree shadow on the left is resolving in an unstable way - dancing/wiggling about, almost.

    I'm not sure if this is the fault of the rotation precision for the light? maybe it is not accurate enough, so it appears to move in increments?

    Does anybody have any thoughts on how I might go about improving this? am i even going about this lighting setup the right way? I welcome any suggestions please!

    thanks in advance!

    movement -> physics -> phys rotating -> rotation rate?


      thanks redbox, this is really behaving better using that method!

      however ive hit a peculiar snag... having a rotation speed of 1 degree is faster than id like, but setting it as low as 0.3 degrees or using slomo causes unusual behaviour depending on where im looking. this sounds weird, but if i look up or down it pauses, and if i keep the camera looking horizontally it continues?! its playing peek-a-boo with me :\

      if that sounds like complete nonsense, dont worry ill keep experimenting, and thanks for your help so far!