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    Right, well I need to know as I design a lot of stuff in sketchup before I put it in game, but 1 foot is 12uu, which makes 1 meter 40 uu (39.6)


      Originally posted by Mougli View Post
      The default scale in UDK is 1UU = 2cm.

      But the mesh importer doesn't care what scale you set Max/Maya/Blender. 1 unit in the modelling software will always equate to 1 UU.
      Yep, your right my friend.
      I just tried to model some stuff today already in a little bigger scale, to get a better match in UDK... and I got the size right in UDK, even my Content Browser Mesh Thumbnails started to be visible... before they was so small that even capturing the preview size and angle, wasn´t affecting the thumbs.. now I can see my stuff in C-browser.
      You helped a lot this fellow noob! Thx!.