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Does Move to Actor work with InterpActors?

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    Actually, upon further testing it seems like the only thing that is working with move to actor is path nodes and bots. Is this supposed to be the way it works or should it be working with other types of actors as well?

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  • started a topic Does Move to Actor work with InterpActors?

    Does Move to Actor work with InterpActors?

    I am trying to set up a small level where the player controls the bot by setting off events that trigger a Move to Actor sequence in Kismet. The problem is that the actors I want to move the bot to need to move as well. I have tried setting the destination in the Move to Actor node to the InterpActor I want the bot to move to, but the bot does not actually seem to move when the mesh is not a static mesh. Is this by design, or is the bot supposed to be able to move to an InterpActor as well?

    Also, I thought maybe using a dynamic pathnode would work since most dynamic objects can be attached to other objects. My thinking was that I could build paths and have the path node attach to the interp actor it was over, but they sink through to the floor unless the mesh is static and not and InterpActor. Can path nodes be used this way?

    Really my ultimate goal is to give the player a way to change the direction the bot runs in by using a trigger. I only need North East South West, and I don't need the bot to be smart about running into things. Just to change direction via Kismet Triggers. Any ideas would be helpful, though I can't really get into modifying the scripts at this point since I haven't really learned enough about Unrealscript to do that yet.