Today i have a question that many of you might be asking and, although i'm not sure if this is the right section for my question, i would be very thankfll if anyone knows an answer.

So, i'm trying to create an online FPS, not a big project, just a thing for friends and family, and i don't know anything about creating a multiplayer level. Imagine i want to create a team deathmatch or a capture the flag (Unreal already comes with these) in a level that i have already created.
How do i now turn it into a game with rules and all that? It has no missions nor objetives but i know that udk game comes with "instant action" that is a gem against bots. I would like to make my level like that. for multiplayer and for the bots (or even both? i don't know what's easier). So is there any thing that i need to had to the map like spawns? If you know a noob proof tuturial, i would enjoy it a lot. if you know, you can also write it down, i try to read all the replies.

Thanks in advance, Mystery007