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How to apply terrain layer coordinates on quadrant mask textures ?

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    How to apply terrain layer coordinates on quadrant mask textures ?

    Hi everyone.
    I'm tring to deal with a huge map based on some DEM data of the Mayotte island. I've followed this tutorial.
    So I have a 4033 points large Landscape height map, and a huge texture (multi tiling quadrant mask 4*8192*8192) apply as material like it's explained in the documentation. The fact is even if merging textures together work fine, the material is not well scaled with the height map (and it's look like a mozaic). This is a current problem which can easily be solved by appling a "terrain layer coordinate" on the UVs of the texture in the material editor. This module contains a propriety called "map scale" wich allowed to constrain the material to feet with the 4033 height map. But it needs to be applied on the UVs of the texture, and for the quadrant mask textures, a "texture coordinates" is already linked to this entry.
    So, we come to the original question : how to apply "terrain layer coordinates" on quadrant mask textures ?

    PS : apologies for bad english....

    Obviously my problem doesn't interest people so much. Maybe I could rephrase my question, because applying "Terrain layer Coordinates" on texture's UVs entry already linked to some "Texture coordinates" also means a more generic question :
    How to apply two independent entries on the texture's UVs ?