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Mesh layer on a terrain

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    Mesh layer on a terrain

    I am trying to create a relatively simple terrain. Just grass and a path, and the grass uses a mesh

    But I can't get any mesh to appear on my terrain.
    First of all, the documentation declares that I have a foliage section in a Terrain Material object where I can set up a foliage mesh to appear on that particular material. No such section appears, however.

    There's also the deco layer, but this presents me with two problems. First, I have no way to specify that the deco layer is linked to my "grass" layer. Second, I cannot specify a mesh to use. I have the section for a static mesh factory, but when I click the blue arrow and select "StaticMeshComponentFactory" nothing happens, and the factory line remains displaying "none."

    Apart from screaming obscenities, what am I supposed to do? How do I get some grass meshes to appear on my terrain?

    (May 2012 UDK)

    Oh wait, never mind, I forgot we have this new "foliage" tool. That's what I'm looking for.