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Kismet: recommendation for how to handle multiple bots

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    To extend your Method 1: you could create a prefab with your subsequence in it. This will allow you to update one subsequence and then apply those changes to all copies with a single click.

    Method 2 could work for simple interactions, but would be quite difficult to extend to more complex behaviours as it would be quite hard to track various variables on a per instance basis.

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  • started a topic Kismet: recommendation for how to handle multiple bots

    Kismet: recommendation for how to handle multiple bots


    I am wondering what approach people generally recommend for spawning and controlling multiple bots in a level in Kismet (not script).

    If have a simple sequence where I spawn a UTPawn (UTBot controller), and using the Trace action to decide whether to fire at the player or move to a random pathnode (similar to most of the tutorials out there). This works fine for 1 bot. I would like to have perhaps 10 of these in a level. My thoughts are:

    Method 1: Use a separate actor factory for each bot, each with it's own move and shoot code. So 10 actor factories with the code essentially copied and pasted.
    Method 2: Add the bots to an object list (from 1 actor factory), and loop through each bot one at a time checking the trace and moving or shooting.

    I had tried Method 1 using a subsequence for the "move and shoot" part, but while I had assumed that subsequences were an equivalent to functions, I soon realized calling 2 subsequences amounts to a copy and paste, so while it might work, it feels wrong.

    Method 2 seems plausible, but I wanted to see if anyone had better suggestions based on their experience.

    Any thoughts?