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SpeedTree issues

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    SpeedTree issues

    Hi everyone, sorry if the thread doesn't fit with the category :/

    So I'm having several problems according to udk SpeedTree tool.
    I remind that I'm using the tool provided by udk so no problem at this point (the trees show normaly in udk)

    My first problem is the billboards, that show up when i'm far enough, but the meshes won't disapear. I tried to mess some values in the properties but nothing efficient...

    Second problem is static shadowing : I'm actually trying to make a forest with a high number of trees. for saving performances purpose, I wanted to static shadow the trees of my terrain and have a dynamic shadow only on speed trees I place manually to delimitate the forest. But the problem is that the static shadow only take effect on the "meshes" of the speedtrees, not the leaves, not even the fronds and it's a huge problem, resulting of a shadow to harsh :/ I want to have the same big precompute shadow (with leaves etc that is pretty realistic) but static !

    I'm sure I'm not enough clear but if someone have any first come to this problem, I'll be glad to learn more..
    And answer any questions that could help resolving the issue

    Big question for a first post but I'm counting on the endless knowledge of users and developers. Resolving that would be a huge step for many people I think ^^

    Thanks !

    The first problem is easy to solve set the LOD level for the trees to -1. For the second one... there is no solution as SpeedTrees are just not designed to work that way. The whole point of them is to be dynamic otherwise just use static mesh trees.


      I just have to replace my decoLayer in my Terrain properties by static meshes so...

      I assume that I only have to set a valuable LOD on the static meshes in order to preserve performances.

      Thanks a lot for the first problem by the way ^^ !