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Creating a water level, need some technical help!

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    Creating a water level, need some technical help!

    Currently studying Games Design at university, and have been set to create a level in UDK for a module in my second year. I've got a really nice idea about a slow paced underwater stage.I'm trying to make the movement in my level feel very light.
    I've added a WaterVolume and a GravityVolume in the same area. The problem I'm facing is this:
    I want my movement to be like swimming, but weightless, meaning I'd like the player to feel like they're effortlessly swimming (slowly) around a round the rooms I've built, though they will not sink when letting go of the control buttons. They'll float at whatever height they are at (this'll be very convenient for examining my rooms and puzzles), and if they wish to go lower, they'll need to swim down.
    What would the best way to attain this effect be? Would I need both water and gravity volumes, or just one of them? I'm toying around with my volume's settings, but I can't seem to get the character to stop in mid air, they either keep going up, or sink very quickly. There seem to be a lot of options in the Volume settings, and I'm kind of toying with them blindly.

    Anyone here able to help?

    I actually managed to do this by changing the world gravity to 1, this made it so I would not float or sink in the water.
    Also to make it feel like the player is much slower in water just increase the WaterFriction.

    You should be good with that