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Grayscale - Terrain Tessellation BUMPY PROBLEM Hope you can help

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    Grayscale - Terrain Tessellation BUMPY PROBLEM Hope you can help

    This is my Major problem - Whoever fixes it I shall give a small lizard to as a gift.

    Right so I've executed 99% of the obviously methodologies correctly in order to achieve terrain to appear in UDK....

    Meaning - Baked out height map from sculpted geometry in mud-box to .tiff format - then changed in PSH to - Grey-scale 8bit/ 16bit 1009by1009 .RAW - As you do.

    Imported correctly into UDK - Generated terrain from file using correct dimensions.

    And then this retardation happens that you can see below.

    The ground is not only meant to be flat... but... If I play the level... I fall in between the Geometries Gaps....

    How do I solve this problem

    Thank you for reading.

    Check into the different terrain tools, there's smoothing, and flatten. Flatten will obviously make it perfectly flat, the smoothing tool will make everything mostly flat but will probably give you a more natural looking terrain.

    Smooth Tool:



      I will check asap. Thank you very much.


        This can happen if you have too much height variation in a small area while your heightmap resolution is too low. Have you tested how the landscape looks like if you save the heightmap as 4096x or something?