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Please help, landscape problem.

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    Please help, landscape problem.

    Hello everybody

    I'm working on this project and I need to have the entire continent of south America in game, scaled down ofc i don't mean the whole thing, a 1024*1024 landscape in the shape of south america would do nicely, but the problem is that i can't find a hieghtmap that would allow me to do so.. I have world machine and terrasculptor installed on my computer and I wanted to import some sort of hieghtmap in them, tweek it and then export it for engine use.
    I'm using the latest version of UDK btw.

    any help would be much appreciated!

    UDK uses 16-bit RAW files for heightmaps. If you have your heightmap in BMP, then this tool, G16ed, will allow you to convert it to 16-bit RAW file:

    1.) Create/get your heightmap, and save it as 8-bit greyscale BMP.
    2.) Open G16ed, use File -> Import -> 8-bit greyscale
    3.) Now export it: File -> Export -> RAW. Select Little-endian, and 16 on the slider. Click export.
    4.) Now change the extension of the newly saved (exported) file to .r16 (ie: height.raw -> height.r16)
    5.) UDK Landscape Tool -> Create New -> Heightmap.

    If you have any questions, let me know (I might put myself to rest for today, so it's possible you only get my answer tomorrow).

    Good editing!


      Hello Haxzor, Thanks for the reply, but my problem is that i can't find a usable hieghtmap for south america anywhere .....


        You could sculpt one using Mudbox, ZBrush or make a general shape map in Photoshop and use that as a mask or height modifier for an advanced perlin noise generator in world machine. :P There are a lot of ways to do it. Also, for UDK you'll need to read up on height maps it seems. UDK landscape tool uses specific sizes.

        Documentation is here:

        if you really badly need it I might be able to sculpt one up real quick and pack it up as a r.16 :P


          Thank you so much Josh, that helped alot
          I found a very grainy black and white map (1), I made a mask out of it (2), I used it as a filter for an advanced Perlin node in world machine like you suggested (3) and the result looked great (4)

          The only problem now is adding the mountain range, I'm not that great with World Machine so any piece of advice you can give me would be awesome


            Well, you can add the mountains from this: *

            Or perform a google search for Earth Heightmap. There are several really high resolution images out there, I'm sure you can use them.

            *Make sure to check for actual copyright information before doing anything "stupid".