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Help with triggers being activated by trigger

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    Help with triggers being activated by trigger

    In my scene the user has to activate 2 triggers to open a secondary door. There are 3 of these secondary doors. Once all of the secondary doors are activated a final door should open.

    I have the first set of triggers working but I can't seem to work out how to culminate all the inputs to open the final door.
    I tried using named integers and when the total equalled 6 the door would open, that did not work.


    I don't see any ints but your idea with ints sounds cooler.

    Ok so you have all these doors... Press trigger 1 and 2 and door 1 opens. Then press 3 and 4 door 2 opens. Then trigger 5 and 6 door 3 opens.

    It's exactly how you'd think set a global variable currentDoorsUnlocked which is used to know how many doors unlocked you're adding 1 to this variable if any trigger is used. If currentDoorsUnlocked == 6 unlock 3 doors, else if currentDoorsUnlocked == 4 unlock first 2 doors, if currentDoorsUnlocked==2 unlock first door. Just mix some kismet stuff around it will work.


      Thanks for the input, I fixed the issue with another set of variables and int counter.